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Fertility Reflexology

Are you finding it difficult to conceive??  Do you have hormonal imbalances or finding it difficult


Fertility Reflexology is suitable for women and men who need a little help to enhance their body’s natural healing process, balancing hormones reducing stress, making conception a little easier.


Reflexology can be used alongside medical treatments such as IVF, ICSI or medication which assists conception. It is safe, non-envasive and works by balancing your body, de-stresing and addressing the mental and physical issues which may be making conception more challenging.


Even if conception is not your aspiration, reflexology can also help re-balance your hormones, reduce stress and bring your mind and body in complete harmony.

Reflexology works best when the client also ensures healthy lifestyle habits are in place. These include but are not limited to diet, exercise, relaxation, and work/life balance. No two reflexology treatments are the same for each session because the chosen points address the needs of the client on that particular day. Tailored treatment each session helps to ensure greater outcome.

“Used in conjunction with nutrition and lifestyle changes reflexology can be very effective in clearing toxins from the body, balancing hormones and reducing stress in preparation for conception,” Claire says.

One in six couples will experience fertility issues. According to Claire, of those, a further one in six will experience secondary infertility, where they have had at least one baby already but can’t get pregnant again.

“For women, the cause can be polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, underactive thyroid, failure to ovulate or often just unexplained,” she says.


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Fertility Reflexology can help with the following conditions:


Assisted conception such as IVF and ICSI

Poor sperm

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